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Warehousing & Distribution

  • Warehousing
  • Value added Service
  • Reverse Logistics & Returns
  • Order Scanning
  • Warehouse handling

Mercer provides cost-effective and time-sensitive distribution of all types of commodities. Whether your product is being delivered locally or anywhere in the U.S. or overseas, Mercer will put together a program to suit your needs.


  • Transloading and Cross-docking
  • Distribution Services
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Re-Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Container and product rework
  • Big Box Retailer Display Units
  • Customized Palletization


  • Fully Automated "3PLink WMS" Inventory System
  • Online Order Tracking
  • Online Inventory Tracking
  • EDI Data Transactions

Mercer also provides Value-Added Services and various Product Marketing Projects

Mercer Value-Added Services

Mercer is equipped to handle your packaging, order assembly and tagging needs using skilled labor and efficient machinery designed to accomplish your projects.

Some of the Product Marketing Projects Mercer performs:

  • Pick & Pack
  • Bundling
  • Product Tagging
  • Repackaging
  • Ticketing & Labeling
  • Assembly & Kitting
  • Returns processing
  • Promotional inserts
  • Heat tunnel packaging
  • Shrink-wrapping

Reverse Logistics

Handling product returns back through the pipeline - in an effective and cost-efficient manner -helps manufacturers to enhance customer satisfaction, achieve greater cost reductions and, when possible, recover some of the products' value.

By definition, reverse logistics is the process of moving goods from their final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal. This also includes processing returned merchandise due to damage, seasonal inventory, restock, salvage, recalls, and excess inventory.

At Mercer, we recognize that reverse logistics has become an integral component of a manufacturer's profitability and competitive advantage, which is why we offer comprehensive warehouse services dedicated specifically to this process. Turning the management process of your reverse logistics over to Mercer allows your company to concentrate on its core competency - leading to greater profitability.


In fact, our customers are finding that Mercer has the resources and technology to perform reverse activities better and more efficiently than their own internal departments; which is why many are outsourcing most or all of their reverse logistics activities to our expert warehousing teams.

Mercer's Reverse Logistics activities include:

  • Transportation of returned product back to our distribution center
  • Processing returned merchandise for reasons such as damage, seasonal, restock, salvage, recall, or excess inventory
  • Disposing of returned goods
  • Recycling packaging materials and reusing containers
  • Reconditioning, remanufacturing, and refurbishing products
  • Hazardous material programs
  • Asset recovery