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Centralized Exam Station

Mercer, Full service CES facility

Mercer operates a U.S. Customs Bonded Centralized Exam Station (CES) for both Seattle and Tacoma Ports and the Blaine border crossing. This designation allows cargo to be delivered to our facility for examination as determined by CBP. With on-site CBP Officers and an in house VACIS system, Agriculture Lab, and large exam area, examinations are handled much more efficiently. Our availability turn time is usually less than 48 hours. No long delays, detention or storage charges prior to examination.


  • VACIS Pallet X-ray exams
  • Department of Agriculture
  • On-site Officers and Agents
  • On-site Agriculture Lab
  • Secured Storage Yard
  • Large Inside Exam Area
  • FDA


  • Fully Automated "Cargo Manager" Tracking System
  • CES Tracking through the Internet
  • Remote User Access

Fife Information:

Firms Code - W138

Port Code - 3002

Blaine Information:

Firms Code - W464

Port Code - 3004

Seattle Information:

Firms Code - W855

Port Code - 3001