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DiSC Mobile

Access From Any Device with a Web Broswer

DiSC mobile is a revolutionary new electronic proof of delivery & mobile dispatch service offered by Profit Tools.  Our digital signature capture application was created to expedite and simplify the current system of receiving and processing Proof of Delivery documents (PODs).  DiSC mobile utilizes the existing capabilities of the Profit Tools Mobile Comm, and Document Imaging modules, along with a web browser, for a "one device platform".

Instant POD

-    Consignee reviews the shipment information clearly displayed on the driver's
phone or tablet.
-    Displayed information includes: time in & out, equipment numbers, seal
numbers, pcs./weight, etc.
-    Consignee then signs to accept the shipment digitally on the phone or tablet.
-    Signature is then captured & transmitted to the DiSC mobile server, creating
a fully customizable POD.
-    POD is now immediately available in your Profit Tools application and can be
relayed instantly to the consignee, or other interested parties, via email, FTP,
or online or through web access, without office staff having to take action.

One Device Platform (Single Application Platform)

-    DiSC mobile doubles as a mobile communications link between your driver and dispatch office.
-    Event details are clearly viewable to your driver through DiSC mobile once assignments have
been routed to your Profit Tools system.
-    Details include, but are not limited to, equipment numbers, appointments, & deadlines,
pick-up numbers, expected pieces/weight, etc.
-    Driver can update any information that he gathers in the field back to your dispatch system,
such as arrival and departure times, pieces & weight, equipment numbers, seal numbers, etc.

Simplify & Clarify

Take out the 'work' in paperwork, and go digital, with Profit Tools & DiSC mobile application.