Mercer Warehouse

Brokers & Forwarders

Dear Customs Broker & International Freight Forwarder:

How do you plan to reach more potential customers this year?

There is a simple way you can gain immediate access to the huge segment of importers - those whose "hot button" is outsourced distribution of their product, even if you don't have your own warehouse.

You can choose to ignore importers or exporters who want warehousing as part of your service quote. Or, you can give them the full-service package they demand by partnering with Mercer.

Smart importers, overseas shippers and exporters have discovered the Pacific Northwest advantage. They don't waste freight dollars shipping their import goods back east, passing right through Seattle/Tacoma. If the shipment terminates here, customs-clears here and is distributed from here, then the freight buck stops here.

Mercer also can consolidate and load your export containers here, closer to Asian markets.

Save your customers transit time and freight cost... retain and gain more business for your office in Seattle.

Mercer Distribution & Transport LLC is not affiliated with any competing broker or forwarder. We are independent and interdependent with you, the broker/forwarder.

As you probably know, Mercer also provides a full range of local services specifically designed for the broker and forwarder: local cartage, LTL pickup and delivery, local and regional container drayage as well as unloading, transloading and export container loading. We have machinery and know-how for special projects such as repackaging or labeling. We are a Customs Bonded CFS for your inbound ocean consolidations and I.T. Cargo. Our new facility is ideal for many of the warehousing needs you and your customers will have.

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