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The PNW Advantage

Mercer is located close to the two major West Coast ports of Seattle, Tacoma, Blaine and Portland in the U.S. Pacific Northwest (PNW). These ports are nearer to Asian ports than any others in the U.S. and offer importers an opportunity to save on Transit Time and Freight Costs compared with ports further inland.

The PNW advantage, as we like to call it is this: If you are distributing your product within the U.S. and any part of it is destined for the northern tier of the U.S., especially if some or all of the product is being distributed in the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana area, then you may improve your product distribution delivery times to customers in these areas, plus save money on international freight.

Cargo discharging at Mercer's facility is shipped all over the U.S. especially to the northern tier of the U.S. including Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, etc.

If you think your distribution program may benefit by the PNW Advantage, give us a call for a no-obligation consultation to compare costs and transit times.

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