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Portland, Oregon

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Mercer Distribution & Transport

13822 NE Airport Way

Portland, OR 97220

Phone: 503-517-8525

Fax: 503-261-1322


Portland Information:

Firms Code - W681 

Port Code - 2904

Mercer is a third party provider of Import, Export, Warehouse, Distribution and Transportation Services. We operate warehouses, US Customs Centralized Examination Stations and Container Freight Stations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mercer is owned and managed bya group of seasoned professionals whose experience in all aspects of the industry add a depth of knowledge to efficiently and expertly handle your needs.


Trans-loading and Cross-docking

Distribution Services

Order Fulfillment



Container and Product Re-work

Big Box Retailer Display Units

Customized Palletization

Fully Automated Inventory System

Online Order Tracking

Online Inentory Tracking

EDI Capabilities